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Gaming Is Not Just A Hobby Anymore is a p2p skill-based e-gaming platform that lets you monetize your game time!


Monetizing that Victory Royale? You bet you are! Jump into and make it happen!


Whats a hat trick if you aren't making some extra on the side?! has the vehicle to get you there!


You and your squad...killin' noobs and earning cash. This is the life! Load it up with the client and make that money!

Games Supported on the Platform

Challenge your friends and peers to compete in your favorite games with the chance to earn real money.

Win DBETs, swag &
more for your game play

Compete in hundreds of Quests and Tournaments in our supported games to win DBETs. The agent will track your progress in real-time, and automate all payouts immediately. Exchange them in the store for swag, gaming products or other items.

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Quests, Leaderboards
and Knockouts

Quest and Tournaments tailored to the specific game, knockouts and leaderboards for the trash talk, all while earning real money for doing what you love!

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DBET Tokens

Earn our very own VIP180 token, the DBET! Secured, verified, and transparent technology powered by blockchain lets you feel secure in playing, winning, and spending!

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