April Wrap-up and Overview

And just like that, another month has finished before it began and we are that much closer to the half-way point of 2019. As became the norm with last months wrap-up, this one will be divided into two sections being business development updates followed by the relevant development updates including some scope for the near future.  

So let’s start with the business development side

The most important item for DECENT.bet, and our wider community, for the month of April, was the launch of our second working blockchain product, playDECENT.gg. playDECENT.gg is currently on Beta testnet. For those still catching up, or new to DECENT.bet, playDECENT isa gaming-centric platform focused on facilitating secure, fair P2P skill-based betting for esports. Underpinning the platform and allowing for a trusted, safe, and accurate reporting and payout process is PlayVIG’s Virtual Referee. Using proprietary screen-scraping software, this Referee acts as an overarching Oracle, as opposed to traditional human methods, which allows for scalability and reliability.   The testnet for playDECENT was launched in conjunction with the recent VeChain Summit which attracted a large number of high-level participants as well as booths and product showcases from several of our fellow ecosystem projects. As part of the summit, our CEO and Founder Jedidiah Taylor was privileged to speak as part of a panel discussing the ecosystem as well as our goals and the overall vision of DECENT.bet moving forward into the future. The full conversation can be seen here, whereas a video of Jedidiah playing Hearthstone live on our testnet can be seen below.

Shortly after the conference, our development team put their heads down hard at work and finished off the final touches for our wider Beta testing which included such things as last-minute checks and error testing and the completion and packaging of our desktop PC client complete with PlayVIG’s virtual referee. In terms of the Beta itself, we received in excess of 250 Expressions of Interest, from which we selected those that matched the launch criteria and sent out onboarding instructions to successful applicants. Currently, the criterion revolves around what we can support – being the game Hearthstone, as well as the PC only client – and an age restriction of 18+, as we will be moving to real money gambling when Mainnet commences in the future. For those users who meet the above conditions and haven’t received an email, or didn’t manage to sign up in time, never fear, we are still taking applicants. Please see the below document for details as to how to get started and make sure to join our Discord channel to keep up-to-date with platform updates, general troubleshooting, and friendly Hearthstone related banter.

That being said, the scope for the future is wide and varied and will include many more supported games as well as support for iOS, Mac, and Android in the coming months. The market for esports is one that is only going to continue to grow and as a business, our aim is to make sure we are as best poised as possible to tap into the hundreds of millions of unique users who log in every month to play games like Hearthstone, PUBG, and Fortnite. In line with this, the other important thing to note here is user experience and the overall ease of use and reduction of friction for new users. To this end, we’ve introduced MPP into the platform- to allow for users to only ever require DBETs- as well as worked closely with Comet “VeChains MetaMask”, to facilitate platform use and token support through their user-friendly browser plug-in.   As not everyone will be able to participate in, or even view, the current offering, we put together a short video which showcases how the platform works.

Development update

In terms of development, well, as one would imagine with a brand new product, that has indeed been the development focus for this month, as well as several which preceded it. Specifically, the initial focus was on securing the foundations of the product in preparation for the VeChain Summit just past. This involved ensuring the safety and security of the smart contracts as well as the successful and usable integration between these, the Comet browser extension, and PlayVIG’s virtual referee. From here, the desktop client was cleaned up, packaged, appropriately branded and sent off to over 200 Beta testers.   The initial iteration of the product only included approximately 15 single-entry quests, all of which were successfully completed in under 24 hours. From there, we added fifty extra quests to keep users happily playing. Due to the relative smoothness of platform use and feedback, we made the decision to change the quests to multi-entry shortly after. Most recently, we completed the full integration of VeChain’s Multi-party Payment Protocol (MPP). In a nutshell, this protocol allows us to pay for transaction costs on our end, in VTHO, which would mean the end-user would only ever have to own DBETs to use playDECENT.  

So what does the future hold?  

In the near future, Beta users can expect to see further improvements to the UI/UX and various other platform cleanups. Additionally, sooner, rather than later, people will begin to see more and more titles added to Testnet- which we will make sure to announce in the relevant channels.   And beyond this? Well, the sky’s the limit. Games, supported clients, integrations, there is a lot that can and will be done and improved upon.   And that’s it for the month, a pretty good one in all aspects. As always, make sure to follow us below on all of our socials and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to drop us a line.  

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