Update: Announcing a New Game, First-of-its-Kind Vegas Tournament, and Token and Tech Progress

Throughout the month of August and into September, our largest focus has been on the development, streamlining, and maintenance of our platform. We make improvements and enhancements each week

Furthermore, the team has been conducting data-driven outreach to better engage with our expanding user base, specifically, those garnered through some of our more recent marketing initiatives. From an outside perspective, these activities are perhaps not as visible as others, but they are essential to the longevity of the platform by both assuring its robustness and a healthy and growing user base.

For those who may not have seen it, we also released a detailed Marketing update mid-way through August which explains our performance and rationale to date. This can be found below and an updated report will be released towards the end of Q3.

Lightning Cup with Litecoin at World Crypto Con


Not part of the marketing plan but something we’re extremely excited about: we are partnering with the Litecoin Foundation and World Crypto Con to host a Fortnite competition on our platform at the HyperX Arena Las Vegas. 

This will be great exposure for not just to the Vegas gambling community but to gamers worldwide. Read more about it here.

New website

We’re about a week away from launching the new website. It’ll provide robust tutorial content to help with the on-boarding process, promotions, and other resources to assist in our overall adoption. 


Technology Update
To support continued marketing efforts we are also working through the technical aspects behind refer-a-friend initiatives and various types of coupons we can offer. In terms of their function, they will be very much similar to those offered by traditional businesses just with the added complexity of blockchain automation. 

Over the coming few months, our tech team’s major focus though is towards getting a fiat solution in place and ready to use for all. Expect to hear more about this moving forward but please be aware that in some aspects we will be at the mercy of various third parties. 

Finally, Announcing Magic: The Gathering Arena


From a technology perspective, the team’s immediate focus is on expanding the games offered on our platform. To this end, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re now officially live with Magic: The Gathering Arena.

MTGA launched today with 4 quests. If you’re a Magic enthusiast or have a friend who is, please spread the word. Before attempting to play an MTGA quest, please ensure that you completely exit any instance you have running of the playDECENT Agent and relaunch it. This will allow the necessary Agent updates, including a few new UI updates, to finalize. 

We’ll be announcing another new game that’s ready to go next week!

There’s plenty more to come in the following months including new games, promotions, and more. Make sure you are following all of our socials, particularly Discord, to stay up to date, and if you haven’t already, sign up to, play a quest, and let us know what you think.

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