Its been 3 weeks since launch…

DBET Family –

We’re now three weeks into the launch!

We’ve used these first few weeks to ensure operational and platform stability. Bugs have been fixed. Workflow and processes are in place and working. We’re confident and happy where the platform is. So now we’re beginning the rollout of our marketing plan. Here are some updates on where we are to date and what’s coming up.

The Platform

All in all, platform performance has been smooth.

We pushed out a big update last Friday. This update includes numerous fixes to help the scoring and payout of Quests. You should now see an increase in accuracy for scoring and consistency in payouts.

We’re also in the process of rolling out a new onboarding flow, eliminating some steps and easing early adopter friction. We anticipate this to be implemented within two weeks.

The team is working through drip bonuses for theclubDECENT program launch and refer-a-friend codes with matching deposit bonuses. We expect these to be fully ready within a month.

Further, we’ve established a solid workflow for our customer support system, Zendesk. This allows for our multiple support channels- Facebook, Twitter, email, web, and platform to be integrated into a singular, easy-to-use ticketing system. This is a critical component to enabling the long-term scalability and success of the customer support process, as well as the platform itself.

With that out of the way, we get a lot of questions as to the timing of new game launches on We’re now developmentally working through our next game launch: Magic: The Gathering.


This week we will launch two marketing campaigns:

  1. PlayVIG A/B Video Commercials
  2. OceanEx Top Gamer

PlayVIG A/B Video Commercials. The PlayVIG commercials starting running last night— and they’re already driving new users to These spots target existing gamers on their platform. In total, five ads are running. If you haven’t seen them yet, here’s a sample:


We’ll assess each spots success rate in click-throughs and conversions. High-performing ads will continue to run into August. Low performing ads will be adjusted or dropped for new spots.

OceanEx Top Gamer. We continue to work closely with OceanEx to determine how to get our utility token in the hands of more gamers.

The OceanEx Top Gamer competition will mark our first joint campaign. We’re pretty pumped about it!

Platform Usability to Date

We get a lot of questions in Telegram about how the overall performance and usage of the platform is going. We understand that inquiring minds want to know. While it’s too early to share numbers, we can say that overall adoption is a little ahead of expectations. Total quests played is a little behind expectations.

We’ve proactively addressed our suspected root cause behind the latter: 1) by customer support reaching out to registered users who haven’t played, and 2) rewarding early adopters with free DBETs to use in quests.

We’re seeing an increase in quests played over the past week since engaging with our customers. The percentage of users who have signed up but haven’t yet played a quest drops daily.

It’s a good start, but we still have a long ways to go.

More to come! Thanks to all of you who have already signed up and played. If you haven’t signed up yet, please visit, sign up, and play a game!

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