July Wrap-up and Overview

DECENT.bet July Wrap-Up: playDECENT.gg Growth and What’s Coming Next

From both a product development perspective and an operational one, this has been the busiest month in our history. In fact, it’s not even close. 

We’ve launched the Mainnet of playDECENT.gg, gone through a number of development-related sprints, as well as launched targeted advertising campaigns through a number of different mediums. Internally, we’ve implemented a customer support system with Zendesk. And in general, we’re learning what it takes to operate a first-of-its-kind blockchain product.

The Launch of playDECENT.gg

playDECENT.gg launched at the end of June. For strategic reasons, we approached this as a ‘soft’ launch with the explicit aim of load-testing the platform, smoothing out any related issues, and streamlining our internal operations prior to our major advertising campaigns. 

Since launch, there have been a number of regular updates including minor patches. We’ve improved integration of our technical support mechanisms such as Zendesk and focused heavily on related data in order to ensure how support processes can be as robust as possible. For users wishing to follow our blockchain statistics in real-time, the Quest contract, as well as the House wallet- which shows related transactions- can be found below.



From a business perspective, we are incredibly happy with our progress to date including signups, ease of platform use, quests played, and our ability to continue to scale and grow our platform in terms of both quality and quantity.

Advertising wise, we began a major marketing campaign with PlayVIG on the 15th of July. To date, this has involved showing a variety of videos to PlayVIG clients as well as tracking interactions to determine the most effective content. For those interested, the videos can be found on our Youtube channel below.


These campaigns are still active and we plan to increase related spends in the near future particularly as DBET tokens have recently become available in the PlayVIG store, a development which will drastically reduce current friction points and allow for increased liquidity.

More recently, we’ve launched a joint marketing campaign with OceanEx. For those unaware, a full breakdown can be found below.


The first component of this campaign took place at the beginning of this week and involved an AMA with our CEO and Founder, Jedidiah Taylor, as well as requirements around creating accounts on both playDECENT.gg and Oceanex in order to be eligible for a reward. A text copy of the AMA can be found here.

To date, this has been our most successful campaign and has resulted in an unprecedented platform growth and overall awareness. 

Additionally, new video and banner ads will begin running on PlayVIG at the end of this week. Our A/B testing has resulted in a clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t, and we’re adapting accordingly. 

Now there is still some work to be done here in regards to conversion, onboarding, and general support but as a starting point, it’s an incredibly strong one.

An integral part of managing this growth is of course support. For people who have been involved in the cryptocurrency space for a long time, we sometimes forget just how emerging the industry is, and the associated challenges people face. As such, we need to have an adaptive, and effective, support process at every level; social, technical, and otherwise.

A large driver for us in this regard has been Zendesk, which is fully integrated on our platform, websites, email, Facebook and Twitter. Over the past month, we’ve ironed out related issues, improved its integration, and gathered related data in order to better improve our response time and quality. 

In terms of support numbers, we are currently averaging 70 unique tickets per week (not including follow-ups), which have an average response time of 45 minutes, and an average ‘solve’ time of approximately 2 hours. Beyond this personalized support we are currently compiling a variety of self-help related materials including videos, and articles, all focused on common issues and problems including detail how-tos.

Development wise, in addition to the continual streamlining and support related tasks, one of the key milestones for the month has been the full integration of the DBET token into the PlayVIG store. Importantly, this will allow for the simplest conversion possible for PlayVIG users to playDECENT, particularly during our active marketing campaigns on their platform. Another recently completed milestone is our new and improved technical set-up flow, which can be seen below.

In terms of the focus of our immediate future, we are currently working through the maths needed for new and unique quest variations including the infrastructure necessary to list further games including Magic The Gathering Arena, Overwatch, CS:GO, and Rainbow Six. To best support the influx of new users, as well as our increased offering, we are also looking to add a status bar to the playDECENT agent.

On a closing note, we will be moving away from Medium as a blogging service and towards a traditional WordPress website plug-in in the near future. This will not only give us greater control over our own data and aesthetic options, but it will allow for increased SEO, greater traffic, and ease of conversions.

Until next month,

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