March Wrap-up and Overview

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March for us here at has been one of the busiest months since our inception. It’s one that has seen not only a major partnership and product announcement, but an exchange listing as well as news about important token information. So much information in fact, that this article has been expressly designed to bring all of the months’ happenings into one concise run-down — from both the business development and technology perspective.  

So what exactly has March held from a business development perspective?  

Firstly and most importantly, was the announcement of our partnership with PlayVIG and the subsequent creation of our new product,  

In short, is a gaming-centric platform focussed on facilitating secure, simple, and fair P2P betting for esports. Underpinning the platform and allowing for a trusted, safe, and accurate reporting and payout process is PlayVIG’s Virtual Referee. Using proprietary screen-scraping software, this Referee acts as an overarching Oracle, as opposed to traditional human, and thus time-consuming, methods.   Games supported with the launch of playDECENT will include Fortnite, Dota 2, Hearthstone, and PUBG, with further supported games to be added in the future (such as Apex: Legends). Not only do these games have a collective user-base of over 360m people per month, but they are also among the fastest growing titles in the world in what is one of the fastest growing sports being, of course, esports.   Note, the closed Beta for will be launching at the VeChain Summit in San Fransisco on the 18th April. To apply, please fill out the below form by clicking on the new logo.
March saw us add further support for the DBET token through our listing on OceanEx. Soon after our OceanEx listing, we announced an end date to our token swap. Overall, the goal here is to make the onboarding process for both new and existing users as simple and friction-free as possible. Support of the token swap process will be ending on the 20th of May 2019. This end date will provide the best mix of notice for users as well as the least amount of exposure that v2 ERC-20 tokens may have with our existing and new products.

Development update

Most recently, our development updates have been a bit sparse as we have had to keep things under wraps whilst the PlayVIG announcement was being fine-tuned and executed. Development itself is progressing well, we are currently working hard with internal testing on Tesnet in preparation for our closed public Beta that will launch at the VeChain Summit on the 18th of April.   Now with playDECENT being publicly announced we’d like to share some of our development work with the community.  

PlayVig x core contracts. Contribute to decent-bet/playdbet-contracts development by creating an account on…

The above repo holds the smart contracts and documentation for the two contest types that our playDECENT platform will support, Quests and Tournaments. Importantly, these mirror the contest types on PlayVIG which will allow for an easy onboarding experience for any existing and new PlayVIG users. Quests are single player contests where the user pays an entry fee and DBET pays out a prize if you complete the Quest.  
Some examples of Quests: Hearthstone — Win 1 Arena match Fortnite & PUBG — Win a Battle Royale DOTA 2 — Win a ranked match These will allow users to bet on their game play without needing to have someone to compete against.   On Quests, we are currently testing these out live on our internal Testnet, including the setting of outcomes and the payouts of prizes. This testing can be viewed live at the below VeForge link:  

VeForge Explore | VeChain Block Explorer
VeForge Explore is the VeChain block explorer. Explore and find VeChain block, account, transaction, and token transfer…

In regards to Tournaments, these are P2P multiplayer contests in which you are competing against other players. The multiplayer contract will hold the prize pool and reference a prize table on-chain and receive a list of final standings from the platform and issue payouts accordingly. This will provide transparency around payouts and ensure trust that the funds to pay prizes will always be available through being stored in the contract.  
Some examples of Tournaments: Hearthstone — most wins in the next 10 Arena matches Fortnite & PUBG — most kills over 4 solo matches DOTA 2 — best kill/death ratio over 5 matches   Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, this repo holds our Node libraries that let us interact with MPP to use with our contracts. It’s open source so other projects are welcome to use it if they are looking to implement MPP.  

node library to perform multiparty protocol (MPP) functionality for contracts on the Vechain Thor blockchain …

MPP stands for Multi-party Payment Protocol and in a nutshell it allows us to pay the transaction costs for the use of our platform. We view this as an enormous reduction in friction for our customers by allowing them to use playDECENT without ever needing to own or use VTHO.   And that is it for March. Make sure to follow us below on all of our socials and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to drop us a line.  

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