May Wrap-up and Overview

DBET Fam –

With May of 2019 officially over and consigned to the record books, it’s once again time for the monthly wrap-up. Platform Development  

From an organizational perspective, the month was mainly dominated by the continued Beta development. Progress has been made on everything from UI and UX right through to Quests and supported games (say hello to Apex and Rocket League).  Specifically, on UI and UX, May saw us host a small roundtable and focus group with some of our most active Beta testers and our Creative Director. The feedback gathered and discussions sparked were invaluable to our ongoing taskings and will help guide some of the choices we make going forward.

Additionally, we’ve recently finalized an agreement with several professional gaming bodies to leverage some of their gamers for further testing as well as to provide detailed feedback as to the good and the bad of the platform Beta. For those yet to play the Beta, please follow us and get started as soon as possible! If you face any issues at all just jump into one of our socials – links below- and the team, or one of our friendly community members, will guide you through the signup process.

Outside of this, we recently worked through the setup of, and optimized our website for, Zendesk integration. Importantly, this will allow for the long-term scalability and growth of the platform in terms of customer support as well as the easy shareability of tickets with PlayVIG and our dev teams Project Management tools. Expect to see more on this in the future as we make our Help Center live and transition more and more articles and guides to it.  

Token swap completion  

Towards the end of May, we concluded the swap of V1 & V2 tokens to our VIP-180 version type. The customer support and technology team have been working through some requests still in the queue due to exchange related issues. However, at this time we’ve stopped servicing any new requests.  

Sprint to Mainnet  

For May, our entire development focus has been working towards the launch of the platform. It’s a focus which has included everything from liaising and working closely with our partners PlayVIG on the virtual referee implementation, to platform testing and ongoing bug identification, recreation, and solving. Beyond this almost daily task, the team also recently completed the multiple attempt quest addition and are actively working towards accumulated statistics for these so that users are better able to view and understand all platform related data. As of right now, these ongoing improvements have been enjoyed by over 150 unique users who have worked through approximately 300 of our quests. It’s a solid foundation and one which continues to see clear growth- particularly in line with the addition of supported games and platform improvements.  

As mentioned previously, apart from the above we have been working closely with our design team on a new buildout for UI and UX in order to enable a smooth end-to-end process from sign-up, client download, entering quests, and of course, payouts. All in all, it’s our most major release since the original Beta version and users can expect to see its rollout in the near future.  

The best way to stay up-to-date on all of the above, as well as interact with the dev team and report bugs, suggestions, and to just give general feedback, is our official Discord channel. It’s a busy time for all of us as we get closer and closer to our Mainnet launch and users can expect to see more and more updates and rollouts.  

As a last note, and in-line with the ‘when’ questions that are ever-present in the cryptocurrency world, our Mainnet itself is coming along in leaps and bounds and users can and should expect to be able to participate in the live version towards the end of June. So, if you haven’t already, it’s not a terrible time at all to sign up and see what all of the fuss is about.  

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